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Teresita Montero Clinic Results

Teresita Montero Clinic Results

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October 4th: Alajuelita, 38 dogs

November 5th: Los Angeles de San carlos , 18 dogs and cats
September 29th:  La Fortuna de San Carlos,  45 dogs and cats
November 9th:  Palmera San Carlos, 18 dogs and cats

Costa Rica Guau at La Carpio

Costa Rica Guau at La Carpio

This is the latest clinic in La Carpio organized by Costa Rica Guau and where SASY! donated 40 spay/neuters.

Teresita Montero Continues to Reduce Animal Suffering

maxell Digital CameraIn the area of Tibas a total of 28 animals were spayed and neutered on September 27th.  The following day another 31 were attended to.  Then in October in La Fortuna, Teresita held another clinic and castrated a total of 48 dogs and cats.  Teresita is a driving force in Costa Rica in her quest to stop the suffering on the streets.maxell Digital Camera

Dr. Andrei and kittenWe did our last clinic of 2013 on Saturday and Sunday in Boruca in October.
We thought we were going to have 60-70 animals but ended up with 43. Even though it was a good effort and well worth our time. We castrated the largest dog the vet has ever done – a gorgeous Akita male. VERY aggressive too. To make sure that there was no danger to anyone else, we went to his house to sedate him, whisked him off to the clinic and returned him home before he totally woke up. The owner is sure hoping it mellows that big boy. The last couple of clinics we have seen a high number of dogs with Bot flies (torcelos). One of our Boruca volunteers became the expert torcelo-remover and must have removed 50 or more from dogs.

I am sooooo proud of our SASY! castration team for 2013. When we initially planned to hold the clinics I knew that getting volunteers might be difficult and figured we would need people from the various clinic pueblos. However, we started with some our of neighbors (3 are in high school) and ALL of them stayed with us the entire year. What a blessing to have such pleasant, smart, trained, responsible, and dedicated assistants who helped make for smooth and enjoyable events.
Our team castrated a total of 203 animals in 6 clinics in 2013.
The team is made up of:
Dr. Andrei Fernandez Naranjo (Vet in Palmar Norte)
Mauricio (from the Vet store in Palmar Norte) – Vet Assistant
Gary Strehlow – Chofer for us and patients, E-collars, weighing, all around invaluable handyman
Terri Peterson – Clinic coordination, citas, medicines, E-collars, owner instructions
Leidy Rebeca Molina Alpizar – Vet assistant, patient recovery
Daniel Suarez Araya – Check-in, weighing, coordination
Andrey Suarez Araya – Check-in, weighing
Kenia Mackenna Carballo Chacon – Patient recovery, medicines
I will send you some photos very soon, but wanted to get this report to you.
We had $218 in our account and have paid Dr. Andrei that as well as the 3,000 colones per castration received the day of the clinic. We hope you can make the payment with the remaining SASY! funds.
We are looking forward to planning our clinics for next year!
Thanks to SASY! for all their help and support. We have no doubt that your assistance has improved the lives of these 203 animals, their families, AND the pueblos in which they all live. Que Bueno!

With gratitude,

Terri & Gary
Nueva Tierra de Osa
The Worm Garden:

September Clinics by Dawn Scott

September Clinics by Dawn Scott

Dawn pic mange 1Two great September clinics were held by Dawn and Sid Scott and their team.  One in Huacas, Guanacaste, served 67 pets and the mini-clinic in Barbara’s Animal Rescue Center in Costa Rica, Flamingo, Guanacaste, served 41 pets.  Dr. Christian brought his able assistant, Enrique, and veterinarian Dr. Josue to Huacas.  New volunteers Lanell Wade and Yury Alvarez helped Marianela Pastor, Flory Hernandez, Barbara Deppe, Barbara Whittaker, Maritza, Anan, Lauren, and Nick and Nancy.  Breakfast was provided by The Oasis at Hotel Brasilito and a pizza lunch was provided by Café del Pueblo, Playa Grande.  The recap above and the behind the lines recap below.

What a LONG day, left here at 7:45 AM  and got home at 7:40 PM.  Awful day in some ways.  SO hot in the morning, then SO humid in the pm then torrential rain from 4 pm on … little break only.  Maritza and I left in the dark, sheeting down rain we could almost not see the road 25 km at MOST – scary.

The place is so POOR … so many appalling dogs, many males not that many females – as probably the females die giving birth or are gang banged to death.
Only my car to do pick-ups and returns.  This was really SASY! monies well spent.
I had every dogs shot with Ivamectina and used up maybe 500 doxy pills.  Some families did not give pills to as was certain that they would not give them.  Many of the dogs we picked up were so hand shy – not loved, just dogs.
Anyway very glad that I could help – this is where my heart is.  Dainer is a dream – just SO concerned and so trying his best to help.  He was over the moon with his doxy!
I was very comfortable with Dr Emilio.  He picked up on erlichia, eye problems and a couple of other things.  Think that he was quite suprised that I had each and every med needed.  So also feel good that all was ‘dealt’ with.  Some people said that they would pay so told Daniel who is a neat lad with good spanish to collect as much as he could over the weeks and put it aside for the next clinic which he really wants to do.
All the clinics that I do I feel ‘in control’ – I am nearby, can do follow ups, stay connected with the owners.  This one …?   Just too far away, no local vet, no local Tico who maybe would  help.  I have asked Daniel to PLEASE check in on the families, he said he would.  Am sure that the dogs will be fine from the op – but the TICKS – God a major problem.
The two pups – just gave them another little meal – downed with gusto – already they are feeling better.  They are clean, full tums, sleeping on a cushion – very soft – in the guest bathroom.  Both will take 2 weeks of TLC, good food, wormed, hugged and then to find them a lifetime home with people who will love them.  Neither are fixed as they are too weak.  One is over 4 months the other about 3 months.  Both have erlichia. They are bones!
Of course they have lucked out but there are so many more in that village that needs this kind of help.
Puppies fed, had their first dose of doxy.  Tomorrow will worm,,,,,,
Dawn pic puppies
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