SASY! Nicaragua

From L to R: Mark D. Gibson (SASY Marketing), Jason (Veterinarian, Casa Lupita), Lilly Filipow (Casa Lupita), Donna Incitti Tabor (Casa Lupita), Francesca Radics de Solomon (President and Founder SASY), and Rita DeVore (Event Coordinator SASY)

A New Chapter in Nicaragua

Over the past year SASY! has expanded its fundraising mission into Nicaragua. Faced with an animal population in dire need of help, SASY! has decided to broaden its borders and help those thankless volunteers in Nicaragua. The Annual SASY Auction now features a bid table focusing on raising money for Nicaragua with donations from many interested and animal conscious businesses and individuals. All money made on the donated items from Nicaragua all go to help the small organizations and individuals who are working hard to address the dire situation for dogs and cats in Nicaragua.

On a recent trip to Nicaragua, SASY! President Francesca Radics de Solomon along with Marketing guru Mark D. Gibson and Event Coordinator Rita DeVore presented Casa Lupita volunteers with a monetary gift to help in their endeavor.

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