Parrita Clinics Coming in September

Because of the “Special Appeals” donations raised at last years charity auction, SASY! has the funding to focus on one area in Costa Rica to do spay and neuter clinics.  Last years area in need was Parrita and we have hosted several clinics with the extra funding in the past year.   SASY! raised $3,000 just  for Parrita which is one of the poorest in Costa Rica at the 2011 charity auction and there is much work to be done still.  Two more clinics are planned next month.  The first one will be on September 1st at La Loma at Casa de Chico Delgado, beginning at 9 AM and the cost per surgery will be 5.000 (c) and then the second day will be at Roncador. The Roncador clinic will be hosted at Escuela de Roncador and begin at 9 AM and the cost per surgery will be 3.000 (c).  The set price will offset the veterinarian fees and aftercare meds although no dog or cat is ever turned away.  SASY! will also attend to matted dogs, cut nails, clean ears and send a small bag of food home with the recovering patient so they have food enough to get strong.  The “Special Appeals” funding is a great way to focus on helping the poorest areas where animal suffering is the worst. 

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