Karen Wyld reports from Osa Peninsular

Dear SASY!,
The following photos are the patients for the next clinic scheduled for June 10th.  There is a dwelling in a nearby pueblo that has the perfect under house cave for dogs to gather. In my years of working in this area I have removed more abandoned animals in this one location then any other.  Currently there are 14 dogs which have been collected and temporarily homed until they are health checked, sterilized and vaccinated.
It is always interesting to me that when a situation is out of control I am called in to muck up the mess.
Once again I attempt to make the community accountable for these reoccurring problems as frustrating as it may be. This time I am astounded at the response I am receiving. When I go to check on and feed these dogs people are stepping up asking for help.
Seems chickens are disappearing. Sorry chickens but your demise has given me the opportunity to get some cooperation. I told them directly that the owners of these dogs need to come forward and take some responsibility and if they do I will assist. Two owners of the abandoned female dogs with puppies have come forward. Along with several other Ticos they will stop chasing the male dogs and set up a feeding station (of course I supply the food) so we may capture them for neutering and medical treatment.
Additionally, With the help of several qualified volunteers the bottom of the house will be closed off.
Also photos and descriptive write up of the animals for adoption are placed on ZAC (Zancudo Animal Connection) listed with Facebook.
Although some donations are coming in from the community, a portion of the SASY! grant I received will go to sponsor this clinic.
Through your funding I am able to continue with this type of community work and as always it is the animals that give me the biggest gratitude.
Peace n Pawzzzzz
Karen Wyld
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