La Loma SASY! Sponsored Clinic

Located in the hills of Parrita, La Loma was the site of a “Special Appeals” clinic. Attending vet  Carol with assistant Karen spayed and neutered 60 dogs and a few cats at la casa de Chico and Carmen with Marcia, Diana & Rita attending to the aftercare with the help of Chico’s daughter, boyfriend and two new volunteers, Dillon & Megan.  La Loma is a small community off the beaten path off of the main road and the neighborhood is aware of the over population problems and how it can affect the health of the dogs. This is the second clinic to take place at Chico and Carmen’s house.   One of the clinics attendees that came with his dog thanked SASY! for teaching them how to care for their pets.  As in any culture, change does happen with education and he couldn’t thank us enough.  The general health of the dogs was very good and the people in the community also brought in the dogs off of the streets to be castrated.  

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