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SASY! Charity Auction Silent Auction Items
As SASY! our main goal is to raise money to grant to the many hard-working grassroots organizations scattered all throughout Costa Rica (and Nicaragua). Our fundraising efforts give money to these organizations and clinics in order to help reduce the street animal population burden. Not only does this help reduce the number of unwanted street animals, it helps raise awareness and educate the citizens of the importance animal stewardship. With many areas of Costa Rica just now receiving vet or animal services, there is still a ton of work to do. This is where SASY! and its many fundraising initiatives steps in and provides grassroots organizations throughout Costa Rica a way to receive much needed funding.

This is why we began the Annual Charity Auction. A one-stop fundraising opportunity, the Auction generates (on average) over $30,000 a year (the past two years), with all proceeds funding the SASY! grant process. Grant Awards are handed out in the month of March (following the auction) in order for SASY! to receive as many applications for assistance as possible and make the best decisions for recipients.

SASY! Charity Auction Checkout after the Live Auction
The Annual SASY! Charity Auction is comprised of two parts: Silent and Live Auction programs. The Silent Auction allows donors to bid on items during a two hour timeframe, after which the highest bid remaining wins the items. We have now added “Buy It Now” auction items as well, where fixed prices guarantee you win. The Live Auction is the premiere event, featuring luxury items, vacation packages, valuable art & jewelry and more! The SASY! Auction has quickly become one of the premiere fundraising events of the year. We hope to continually build upon previous successes and we welcome all comments or suggestions to help make our auction more successful. See you at this year’s SASY! Charity Auction!

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